We installed the Master Antenna Television, MATV, system at the Matthew Knight Arena at the University of Oregon. The arena is full of different rooms for the teams to practice in, go over tapes, play on the court, retreat, and much more. Each room is able to have any form of media they requested, and certain areas have specific types of media restricted. Example being the conference room where the team watches game tapes, this room doesn’t have access to basic tv channels.

There are 3 pictures here, showing up close photos of the equipment and cables running through the rack we assembled. To install the rack we had to temporarily tear up the flooring, in order to bolt the rack bases to the concrete below. The racks were then assembled and had the computer system and equipment placed into the racks with the cable running to each different part.

Airwave takes pride in making sure our projects all come out organized and labeled. We label all the cables that we run so if there is ever an upgrade or problem after we have left it is easily identified for the customer, us, or anyone else that will work on the system. As you can see in the picture below with the color coded cables, each is labeled to go to a specific location, so it is easy to work with for the customer.

Since it is the Matthew Knight Arena, the biggest impact is the basketball court. Here is a photo of the jumbo tron above the court which we had running the live BCS Championship Football Game, where the University of Oregon took on Auburn. The last photo is the jumbo tron running with just the University of Oregon basketball team logo across the screen. This was a massive project but the end result speaks for itself.